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Looped intros baby - they're the future!

Just been told over the phone that the actual price of my car will be £170! This is down by a fair few quid. I'm therefore in a very good mood. It'll be really nice to get my car back as well. Been missing it big time recently. The thing is it's a bit of a bind getting a taxi to and from work, it leads to inevitable conversations about why I've stopped doing the talkshow and if I really believed all the things I said on it.

That said I like taxi drivers. I always have. They know what's going on in a city way ahead of everyone else. If you're looking to get to know a place, ask a taxi driver and they'll know what's what.

Never get into an argument with a taxi driver though. They have a secret technique they use to deal with that sort of thing. They'll speed up and then keep looking and pointing at you as they debate the issue. It's terrifying.


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