Mr Munce is the king pin.

I was on the train yesterday. A Virgin Train mind you. Quite nice them. Got a plug socket on them. I plugged my portable DVD player in. Great! Looking round for my earphones. I'd had them before. Where are they? Bloody things. How can that be possible? "Well things don't just vanish Nick" my Mum would often say to me at moments like this. But they do. Not often but sometimes. They do! They vanish.

You know don't you? You've had it happen to you. Yes you have! But you just ignore it when it happens don't you? Yes. Yes you do. You're worldview just can't accomodate these things. That's all. As for me, I see things, oh yes!!

So by now I've emptied out my bag and my internal monologue is racing along the lines of: 'this simply doesn't make sense at all - I'll write a blog entry about this later, that'll teach my headphones a lesson"! Tsk! Things do not just vanish!

Oh, there they are. They must have fallen out of my bag. Erm. Ruined.



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