Mrs Sexy sends me a cheeky before I go on air...

I don't understand people. I really don't. If you're surprised, shocked or horrified at these pictures of "Our Boys" kicking seven shades out of a group of teenagers in Iraq you're not allowed to read this 'blog anymore. Go read Richard Littlejohn's instead.

In fact, I can say that without fear of losing readers because I'm convinced no one is shocked by any of this. The News Of The World can publish these pictures along with mock shock editorials knowing they'll gain readers because conflict and cruelty always sell well*. All the pundits in the mainstream media can chuff about saying how terrible it is.

I'd love to meet a person who firstly, supported the war and secondly was genuinely shocked by this story. It'd be amazing to see how they manage to get by in this world of ours.

"Ooh, I didn't think a war would entail people getting beaten up."

My grandad fought in the war, he never spoke of it until soon before his death. I really don't think we should blame the troops we send in to do the unthinkable when they're caught behaving like maniacs. Even if it does sell newspapers. Sorry.

I also think going to invade another country like Iraq in the first place without the support of the rest of the world was a bad idea. Almost the sort of thing a f#cking maniac would do. Sorry.

If you're looking for a nutcase you should look no further than the f#cknuts that run this show. They're the real terror tale here. Their crimes are a little more than kicking the sh#t out of some kids on camcorder.


*Particularly with women. I've no idea why but women's mags always sell better if they contain terrible "real life" stories.


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