Pen pushers of the world un-tie.

My favourite programme in the world has to be Deal Or No Deal. Not in an ironic sense do I enjoy this fantastic and "extraordinary game"*. "In the history of deal or no deal"* I've enjoyed many a different cliffhanger and Noel has been right in saying that he knows "you'll be back"*. However today and yesterday I've started to wonder a bit as to some of the finer points of the game.

When they "randomly select" a contestant do they really or is it in fact pre-arranged who will be playing that day? I ask this becuase today they picked the 'fit bird' that me and Matt Mackay have been drooling over for ages**. Today of course being Valentine's day. What an astonishing co-incidence.

Also, what's the deal with the contestant always having a family member with them? That's lucky isn't it? On the day they get picked they've got the wife and kids with 'em. How fortunate.

Call me a cynical old bas#ard but, well. Just call me a cynical old b#stard.

Actually if you work for Endemol, and it's always possible, I'll shut up with these unfounded accusations if you let me come and watch it.

I, for a long time thought that everyone (outside of the TV audience) watched Deal Or No Deal in the same spirit of unkindness that I do. I.E wanting the contestant to lose as much money as possible and suffer genuinely bad luck. Unless they're particularly nice people, which is rare. Yesterday I was proved wrong about this.

In the gym watching a bloke losing money hand over fist, it's all going wrong for him and I'm chuckling away. Then at the last minute his luck turns "aw!" I cry and am surprised as the rest of the room cheers.

I'm clearly a cynical old bast#rd, you don't need to tell me that.


*The Edmonds has many phrases which he uses during Deal Or No Deal. These are just a few of them.

**Ahem - I haven't been drooling. I'd pluck out my own eyes before I looked at another woman. I've got a girlfriend, and jolly nice she is too. I've no need to drool at other women. I only wrote that I had so that Matt didn't feel alone in his drool, Jodie, if you're reading this. Anyway, you like The Hoff so there's nothing wrong with me drooling. Even though I don't. And didn't.


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