Relax! Thoughts are only a by product of the body's physical processes.

Currently I'm trying to treat myself with fruit rather than chocolate. Five portions of fruit and veg a day? Where did that little stat come from? Is it truely a requirement of a healthy diet?

I've never really been in the habit of eating peaches but I fancied a change, so I took a walk on the wild side yesterday and bought four of the blighters. Firstly are you supposed to wash these things before you eat them? I rubbed it in my hands for a bit. A sure fire way of dealing with any pesky germs.

Then I bit it - and here's the surprising moment - I instantly remembered the phrase "a nice juicy peach". The reason I recalled this phrase is because the peach I'd bitten was almost bone dry in my mouth. Like a dry sponge. Utterly tasteless. Is this normal? I binned the offending item but am prepared to press on with the remaining three if peaches are in fact not actually nice and juicy.

Peach based information would be gratefully accepted at the usual email address.



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