So I shave my beard off and there's this big wobbly double chin in its place.

I've always wondered about the anthropomorphic qualities of parking meter's. My recent encounter with a talking one made this fixation of mine worse. They know. They're alive. Or at least, they're slowly evolving something like human consciousness.

Today I encountered one which had the following instruction - "change is possible" - up on it's display screen. I was about to use a £10 note. What exactly does "possible" mean? I buy a lottery ticket occasionally, on the basis that it's "possible" I'll win loads of money. I write this blog on the assumption that it's "possible" that one day I'll write an entry which will somehow facilitate world peace. I plan what I'm doing tomorrow on the basis that although it's "possible" I'll die in my sleep, it's not too likely. Just yet.

Am I gambling with my tenner here? Is it going to say - "Ha Ha, I only said it's 'possible' I'll give change! Fu#k off fatty!"

Or perhaps I'm reading this all wrong. Perhaps this parking meter is like the other one and it has a sense of humour. That might imply it is trying to make some sort of funny joke. What would that mean? Is it mocking us silly humans? It looks at our world of war suffering and poverty and smugly smiles to itself "change is possible". Perhaps it's trying to help, providing me with a profound truth. I doubt it though. It's such an obvious truth. We all know change is "possible". That's what makes the situation so bad in the first place.

What's wrong with "change is available"? No dual meaning there. Or even better; "this machine gives change".

Or even better, "this car park is free, I love you man!*".


* Hippy love. You know platonic. Not actual sexual love. In my experience sexual intercourse with Parking Meter's is not possible. Heavy petting is also awkward, you'll find that you're the one doing all the work and you'd best be quick because you're in a public place. Always use a condom.


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