Suck my glove Mr Adams

I'm starting to enjoy my ambient CD that wakes me up in the morning. It's no longer a sinister addition to my mornings, in fact quite the opposite. You know. It's a soothing introduction to the new day. It also seems to help me to remember my dreams more accurately. I'm having some pretty odd ones.

Dreamt my mate got struck by a bolt of lightning because he was talking about anti-UN ideology. He was on a mobile at the time and his conversation had been listened to by a satellite - then he'd been attacked by the same source. The problem was that the consequences of this were tragic and very human. He was left in a vegetative state afterwards and me and my other mates were all trying to pretend that this wasn't the case. We were escorting him to work and making excuses for his behaviour, worried people would realise we were all anti-UN thinkers. The dream concluded with me telling my Mum what had happened and then my mobile made a loud bang and I woke with a start in my bed.

Ha ha ha. What absurd conspiracy theory nonsense!

I see ID cards have been brought in.

Oh and you're not allowed to smoke in public places, the Government is eager to control us even in our free time.

But for the moment, you're still allowed to make jokes about religion. So that's nice. Do you think that issue slightly obscured the ID cards debate? I'm sure that if it did this was just an unfortunate co-incidence.

If there's one thing I love about sleeping it's the clairty of my dreams.


Athlete's foot is sort of clearing up - we've been here before with the steroid creme. This time I'm going to go to the doctors when it's under the sway of the steroids.


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