the thick of hit

I went to see The Mighty Boosh in Oxford today. It really was good. I would say largely it was carried by the atmosphere in the venue. Boosh fans are an odd eclectic bunch of people. The material they performed was okay though the best bits were culled from their early work. To be honest, that programme is so good they could have had a farting compettition and I'd have been fine with it.

They're coming to Sheffield on Wednesday and I'd be interested in reading a review if any of the readers of this 'blog catch it. The reason for this is I'm unsure if I liked it because I'm a fan or because it was a genuinely good show. A lot of the humour felt rather exclusive and there's a lot of fan-pleasing stuff in there.

I'm having real difficulty pulling together a decent review. I'm going to opt for an 8 out of ten, but I think that'd drop for a non-fan. But why would a non-fan go see it?



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