Yes I shmoke shpit shtrayte from ta row chit

Crying is embarrasing at the best of times. Crying like a big girl because you're not going to meet 'the famous rockstar' is profoundly embarrasing. Even though no one sees you do it, you have a real need to try and laugh it off. So you mention it in your 'blog. But at the time, the embarrasment of it makes you cry some more...

I've been a fan of Oasis ever since I first heard their first single 'Supersonic'. The song was like a revelation to me. It cut through the bulls%it and manufactured nonsense they usually play on the radio and spoke directly to me. There's a reference in there to Yellow Submarine which at the time was a real shock. It wasn't fashionable to like The Beatles back then and hearing that reference to them really surprised me.

I had no idea who'd made that song, as usual the DJ failed to give any information about it but it wasn't long until I watched some deeply pretentious late night discussion show. There were three or four people on there talking to (at a guess someone like Jo Whiley?) the presenter about what a drag fame was and how annoying fans can be etc. Sat in the middle of this crowd of d&ckwads was Noel Gallagher. He was clearly enjoying stirring them up with comments like: "Being famous is ace, there's nothing better than signing an album for someone, you lot don't know you're born". I was amazed at how frank and honest and funny he was. Then they played his latest single - 'Supersonic'. Awesome. I was in shock. Not only was the guy talented he was also not a c&nt. It was all a bit too much. I was a full on Oasis fan from that point onwards.

I went to their gig at Maine Road.

I queued up for What's The Story and Be Here Now.

I was (like everyone else) gutted at how dull most of Be Here Now was.

I'm a fan.

Anyway. Today I was told it wasn't going to be allowed to go help with the interview.

So I cried.



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