You're The Baby Machine - do your job!

Oh dear. I'm hooked on Chinese food. Pork balls - sweet and sour. Bloody lovely. Just eaten my second portion in as many days. I'm really thinking I'll have to do the atkins diet again soon, I'm getting very porky nowadays. You are what you eat. I think the atkins diet requires less willpower. It's a sort of all or nothing commitment that you make for a few months, the end result being you've lost about a stone or so.

We citizens of the world are divided into two types, those who think the Golden age is yet to come and those who think it is years past. I'm starting to think that we've passed it. There was a big story on the front page of The Independent today about how gloabal warming is now inevitable, no matter what the major governments do. We're f&cked in many different ways. The point I'm making is that if our civilisation is doomed to collapse, I think I'll do better if I don't look all fat. I'll be a more efficient survival machine.

There's a bloke called Wayne who often emails me about how we're running out of (or already have run out of) oil. I think that'll partly contribute to the collapse. I need to get slim pretty soon or I'll get left behind in the struggle.

Thanks to everyone who sent in nice emails about my moment yesterday.



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