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Oh dear, I smell.

Aye aye, back on the old CANI!?

So the previous one certainly put up the hit rate, shame that entry is littered with videos that don't seem to work!

Paris Hilton on American Idol with the creators of South Park? (Monday)

ET phones Holmes (Sunday)

Stolen by Owen Ryan

Real men have no respect for the rules of good hygiene (Friday)

Turned this whole thing into a f#cking farce.

How I've eaten my own story.

Sign on the line...

... for whom the smell rolls

Going to the toilet is not a leisure activity.

Wootey is your leader, go find him and follow him!

Jabba wangar (Friday)

Stack chak tak... not doing a phone in anymore?

That low carb chocolate drink was disgusting!

The new issue of "Phlegm" looks fantastic!

Squeeze the birds... tuppence a bag.

(Sunday) Four horsemen come in, mumble something vague and then ride off.

(Saturday) The irony is, if not for all this nonsense, I would have never looked.

(Friday) Crikey! It's all happening so quickly...

The fast laugh cafe calls...

One million dollars!!!

The Manchester escape route looks possible...

When they fly, they look really sh#te. Bats! bats! bats!

(Sunday) Bats! Bats! Bats! They do not, like the day light.

(Saturday) See a bloke in the gym changing rooms, looking in the mirror and blowing kisses to himself. Without irony!

You're being a bit immature (friday)

We're taking a big risk on you though...

It's 'the big chat' tomorrow.