Aye aye, back on the old CANI!?

So, there's been exciting developments as regards my parking meter campaign. I started a string on the Sheffield Forum website[external link] about it only to be soundly smacked down by some bloke who's an expert on the Sheffield City Council's parking bylaws. His superior knowledge made him in this instance 'a winner'*.

Anyway, turns out that my additional 10p actually bought me an (albeit unwanted) four EXTRA minutes of parking time. The prices are a guide only.

This makes me partly pleased I'm such a lazy disorganised** moron that I never actually got round to writing the letter and also concerns me because I still feel I've got a legitimate complaint. I think these parking meters should give change. It annoys me that they do not. If I've only got a two pound coin it seems unfair that I have to buy a few hours of parking when I only need, for example, ten minutes.

One bloke on Sheffield Forum seemed to know what I was talking about. I've got one friend on there!

In summary, there's no doubt my political campaign has taken a bit of a well deserved*** smackdown but I'm still under the impression that it's a knock from which it will recover. My laziness permitting, of course. Actually if you take into account my laziness this campaign has been screwed from the start hasn't it? Bo#locks.

I'd be interested to know what the readers of this 'blog who live outside of Sheffield think about this controversey? Do they pull your pi#ser like this in Portsmouth? Do they simmilarly yank your yahoo in Yarmouth? Do bleed your bowels like this in Bournemouth? Do they equally massage your mamaries in Manchester? Do they? Eh? Do they? Nick@hallamfm.co.uk


The skin on the top of my foot has gone strangely calm. It doesn't really itch at the moment and is quite smooth though pallid and pink. I feel sorry for it sometimes you know.

Got a good email today:

Hello Nick
You don't know me and to be honest nor I you, but I have been listening to your radio show from [...sic...]
Now onto business. Ever since you started your blog - I remember you giving the address out, presumably when you thought you were out the Hallam FM door - I have been reading it too. It's a funny replacement for your [...talk...] radio show, and it's a confort to read a like-minded man's thoughts. The only reason I'm emailing you now is to send you a link to a debunk of the 9/11 conspiracy. I thought you might be interested to read it:-
Best wishes for the future, [...]

Nick's note - go see the video I got sent about the 911 conspiracy, it's getting quite a big following on the net now and regularly appears in the google video top 10. It's one of this blog's most popular links. CLICK HERE.

* I'd argue this is one of the reasons why the internet's so fantastic and is something to do with the fact I spend so much time on it. It rewards geeks like you and I for our knowledge and intelligence. In the real world people would have laughed at us both for having the conversation in the first place. They'd think we were missing the point of life. Here the laughter is something we're unaware of and therefore unaffected by. I can be as geeky as I like here and I'll never need to bump into the frowning faces of my peers.

**My blog is littered with examples of this, going right back to this one: last year.

***I say well deserved because it was recently proved by top scientists that all politicians are c#nts. By even dabbling in local politics like this I'm sullying my good name. I've dabbled in the dirt and been caught with it all over the seat of my pants afterwards. It serves me right in many ways for being a pompous ar#e.


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