The fast laugh cafe calls...

I've just eaten a load of KFC and to be honest I loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed it. I know it's wrong and naughty but --- whooo I loved being naughty! Now I smell of grease and animal fats. Disgusting. But mighty tasty. KFC is surely the food of the Gods? A couple of years ago I became rather obsessed with the stuff. In fact it's fair to say I was eating it every night. I actually had to make a pact with myself which said I'd never eat any again. Like smoking. I was actually addicted. Lovely stuff. I was particularly good as well because I didn't have chips. They're not atkins* friendly. KFC probably isn't either. But I was hungry and feeling naughty.

Talking of which I've had a return to those odd little pangs for fags recently. Haven't smoked for over a year and yet there's no mistaking that familliar tug of "go on, have a fag" at the back of my mind recently. Where it's coming from I'm not really sure. There's a line in Sin City which goes "I guess it's true you never really stop [smoking]". You always want to go back an have a go. Just like the dirty KFC orgy I just had.

And my girlfriend's vegeterian. She won't be impressed when she reads this.


*Yes! Atkins. That's right. Not the most fashionable of diets but f#cking effective. Much more so than that Gi bollo#ks I tried at the start of the year. I've lost half a stone. Read it and weep. Half a stone. Sure, I may put it back on twofold but for the moment I'm happy. So f#ck you, voice in my head. Fu#k you big time!


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