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... for whom the smell rolls

I've sat for about half an hour trimming my substantial beard into a sort of goatee type thing with graded stubble surrounding it (oh yeah! Who's the daddy?). It looks not much different to how it did before, just a bit trimmed. The thing is I started out by doing it so it was really obvious. Sure I left the stubble bit to soften the effect but I had a real goatee growth hanging off my face. I did this using my beard trimmer which has 4 settings on it!

Then I decided I did look, literally, a like a c#nt. "That's no good" I thought. "I was going for 'the bit of a c#nt' look", I mused. So I started trimming the goatee down a bit and now I vage the ghost of what once was but it looks a lot better and less potentially embarrasing.

There's nothing worse than getting all excited about a new look and seeing the first real person's face react to it in horror. I remember in the early 90's I quite liked the 'cardigan' look that some people (notably Kurt Cobain) managed to pull off in that era. Fantastic I thought. I'll go but a cardigan. From a second hand shop, 'coz I'm grunge! Off I went and got a granny's cardigan which I now understand looked really bad*. At the time I thought it made me look like a proper dude.

Stumbling towards a room full of all my peers I had no idea of the eye watering carnage and sheer embarrasment that awaited me...


*Not even worth trying to explain why or how. Imagine the worst and that's what you've got. An unglamourous transvestitve type look from some 80's documentary about a bloke about to have a sex change.

Here's a video about 9/11. Warning! It's 1hour 20minutes long. I watched it all and it has seriously wrecked my head. I dig all the conspiracy theory stuff surrounding both that and the Kennedy assasination. This world is a deeply scary place. Just lift the page and look what's there. Nasty eh? Why do you think I muse on fashion faux pas these days?

If the video doesn't work here's a link to the film on

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