Jabba wangar (Friday)

Me and my girlfriend went to watch some live comedy in a place called Zumeba in Manchester. It started off, there was about eight people in the room. The performers were naturally unnerved by this and it got off to an odd, very intimate start. All it took is for one person to ignore the act, or talk on their mobile and -shlunk- the atmosphere was screwed*.

"Do you mind not talking on your phone when we're doing some stand-up fella**?" said the compare, showing remarkable restraint. I'd have attacked him.

As the gig rolled on it became obvious that all of the acts were talented and funny. Slowly more people started trickling into the room as they realised that actually they weren't really of irish descent and that St Patrick's Day celebrations are not unlike any other normal friday night***.

Now it may have been the beer and the added crowd and the increasing standard of the acts but the night really started to swim. It reminded me that, when it's done well, there really is nothing better than watching some good live comedy.

The last act was called Eddie Brimstone, or something like that. He had a bald head and told some great stories. Made me laugh like a moron. Keep an eye out for him. He stormed it in a room that was only half full. Genius.


*Yes, that's right, talking on your mobile when you're out watching comedy. What the hell is wrong with some of these f-cknuts? How does that thought process work? Chatting away when everyone's here to see some comedy. Actual physical pain deserves to come to these people.

**I've got an odd love/hate relationship with this word "fella". I used to really hate it. It was a word that (in my opinion) t-ats used. Then as time went by, people who I liked and didn't consider to be tw-ts started using it. Then, on occasion, possibly by accident, I started using it? Does that make me a twa-? Well, yes, yes it does. But the whole process has made me reconsider the word's status.

***Spare a thought for all the people who're having big liquorice tu-ds sliding out of their a-ses today.


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