The Manchester escape route looks possible...

So I went to so-called Morrisons today to do some 'atkins diet' shopping. It cost me about £1million pounds and I only got some bits. That really is the most exciting thing I did all day. Slightly pathetic I know. I'm also still managing to get ignored by people who usually hassle members of the public. The bloke who sells windows or car insurance or something actually looked straight at me, rolled his eyes and gave up there and then. He just couldn't be bothered wasting his time.

I sat in the car eating hot chicken legs which should have been described as "Fairly Nice, reasonably flavoured Chicken Legs" but I'm sure had been given a better description.

I've noticed over the past few days there seems to be less people in Sheffield at the moment. I can't suss out why that is. The students are still around aren't they? There's less really bad traffic than usual and there weren't so many in Morrisons.

Perhaps they've all got bird flu or something.

Sh#t! What am I going to wipe my hands on now? They're all greasy from the chicken. Bollo#ks. Aha! Some underpants on the back seat. Wonder why they're there? Must have taken some spare ones for the gym or something. Perfect. They're now a greasy - possibly s#it stained - rag. Must remember to take them back inside and wash them...

Wonder why that bloke who sells insurance/windows/cars always ignores me?


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