Oh dear, I smell.

Andy Warhol once predicted that in the future everyone would have their 15 minutes of fame. He was of course wrong. He didn't bank on the likes of "Chico" who in my opinion arrived blinking into the collective spotlight with "has been" already written on his wrinkly forehead. I estimate he's had around 8 minutes of fame and frankly that's his lot. I sincerely hope he's enjoyed himself and won't be too dissapointed to find out that actually no one gives a fu#k.

Reality TV is an angry bi#ch on a mission to bite the fools that play with it, there's no doubt about that. I've just never quite made up my mind who is more to blame for it. Do we blame the hapless halfwits who've been attacked by it, the people who own it or the people who watch it with ready glee? There's no doubt it degrades everyone by association.

Many years ago the writer Desmond Morris argued that over population causes organisms like ourselves to turn inward and conflict with each other. He imagined civil unrest and physical violence but couldn't have predicted the Reality TV phenomena which I believe is an offshoot of human cruelty.

The thought that each person I see in life holds their own story, one as infinitely fascinating and complex as my own is lost when I'm in a crowded city centre. Instead these people become trivialised in my mind. Objectified idiots who are simply in the way of me buying the latest DVD I'm after. That's why I laugh at f#cknuts like Chico. He's not my mate, he's nothing to do with me. He's one of the sea of faces making an ar#e of himself.

Although come to think of it my mate Becky has met him and she says he's slightly creepy close up. "Oh my God he was horrible" - is a direct quote. So there we are.

I've lost my thread, wouldn't it be nice if you could push your car sideways a couple of inches if you wanted to? You know if you'd parked a few inches away from the kerb. Rather than f#cking about trying to reverse it and roll it into place. It'd save you loads of time.



It's getting a little more itchy again. It doesn't look like it normally does. More like the skin of Yoda.


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