One million dollars!!!

A mate of mine has got to meet The Mighty Boosh! I'm so jealous. I never get to meet anyone ever. Even when I'm a huge fan of theirs I'm still left out of it. I've never understood why.

Here's a list of people I've failed to meet and the stories behind it:

1, Paul McCartney. I was at one point picked out to do an interview with him as I'm such a massive fan of The Beatles. Right at the last minute things got a little confused as other people started jostling forwards. In the end I was told I could go along and hold the mic if I wanted but by then I'd decided fate clearly didn't want me to meet my hero. Fair enuff.

2, Noel Gallagher. I was told I could go along with Matt Mackay to meet him and do an interview. Then at the last minute I was told I couldn't.

3, Chris Morris. A mate of mine was told he could get some tickets to go see the premier of his new film My Wrongs. After getting really excited about it and wondering if I should really meet someone who is so great at making me laugh on the telly we were told we couldn't go.

4, Kylie Minogue. A radio station I worked at was doing an interview with her so I came in early just so I could see her. I got the wrong day! What a moron!

5, Tony Blair. I was told he was doing a tour of radio stations and that if he came to Hallam FM it'd be me that'd interview him. Much to my relief he didn't come here and I didn't have to meet him.

--- Quite an impressive list of near brushes with famous people right? Well wait until you read the people I really have met:

1, Blue. A boyband who came to the grand opening of The Hallam FM Arena. Genuine f#ckwits. Apart from that Simon Webb bloke. He seemed nice but was sporting an impossible afro which I've never seen on him before or since.

2, Scottie McClue. A 'controversial' talkshow host who was a massive influence on my early talkshows. He was also at the grand opening of The Hallam FM Arena and ultimately became a mate of mine.

3, Rolf Harris. Yes, that's right, I met Rolf Harris. Me and a friend went to interview him for another radio station years ago. We sat in his front room and chatted about all manner of stuff. He was every bit as nice as you'd imagine him to be. He was also clearly quite a deep thinker. It was great to meet him. However I did keep wanting to pull his beard and get him in a headlock and rub his curly har and go: "Whehey! It's Rolf F#cking Harris! Fucking hell!". Sigh, and I wonder why they didn't let me meet Macca and Noel.

4, Spike from 911. They were a boyband who were never really huge but had a few hits. He was a top bloke but looked a lot older than I expected. I guess anyone who gets introduced as being from a boyband who is older than 19-20 is going to get that reaction. He liked a drink and was funny.

5, Matey out of Bros. I'm not sure which one he was but he was still chasing a singing career at the time. He came to Hallam FM in the middle of the night to do an interview for Magic AM, our sister station. I was really pleased to meet him as when I was a kid I thought Bros were cool. This ment everyone in my class thought I was gay. Which I'm not. And neither were Bros. I don't think.

6, That bloke out of Coronation Street. He was having a fag outside Hallam FM, I think he was in to meet someone or something. He presumed I knew who he was in conversation and as a consequence I've never managed to name him anything other than... The Bloke Out Of Coronation Street, or maybe Brookside.



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