Paris Hilton on American Idol with the creators of South Park? (Monday)

Today I spent the day re-reading old 2000AD comics in preparation for a possible interview with the "the god father of British comics" Pat Mills. I'm a big long time fan of his work and was very excited to hear that the interview is getting closer to becoming a reality.

Over the weekend my boss told me I was going to be standing in on the afternoon show between the dates 17th April - 21st April.

I get an email today saying that Pat Mills is up for chatting to us on either the 18th or the 20th in London.

Bo#locks! The only week I can't make it. I'm getting the feeling that he's about to join the big long list of famous people I never met.

We're going to ask for a different date but I'm of the opinion that this interview (which was my idea) is going to go the way they all seem to.

I hope not.


Here's some videos I've found on the internet which have amused, entertained or shocked me over the past few days:

If not here's the direct link

This chap makes a snap decision and takes the obvious consequences of sticking your head in a crocodile's mouth:

Here's the link.

Perhaps people shouldn't stick bits of their body in the mouths of crocodiles...

Here's the link.

On a more interesting note this is a huge long documentary about whether or not the Americans went to the moon. A lot of my mates are utterly convinced we didn't, I'm still undecided. This bloke knocks his credibility a bit as the documentary pans out but Buzz Aldrin doesn't do himself any favours by planting him one. You'll need an hour or so to watch it:

Here's the link.


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