Real men have no respect for the rules of good hygiene (Friday)

Sat on my bookshelf is a present for my auntie. It’s been there since Christmas. I’m so disorganised it’s awe inspiring. Or is that perhaps, pathetic? Yes I think that’d be more honest. Pathetic. Anyway, when I say I’m going to use this blog to start a political campaign I don’t think it’s likely to become the sort of thing which will make the evil rulers of this world quake in their boots. However, I am, so there we are. Time for me to mutter the Eltonesque phrase: "bit o' politics" and tap my glasses.

As anyone who's been reading this blog for a decent length of time will know I’ve had an on/off relationship with parking meters for years*. Something which has started to tick me off more and more, recently, is the fact that Sheffield Council parking meters do not give change. You’ve got to use exact money. Right, so today, I had to use £1.40 to pay for a ticket which was £1.30. That’s 10p pure profit made because they can’t be ar#ed to make a machine that gives change. Today** I’m planning to write a letter to Sheffield Council asking for my 10p back. If you encounter the same problem I implore you to do the same. I’m quite honestly sick of the Government draining money off me at every corner I turn.

We pay road tax and the roads look like they’d be better suited to a third world country. We pay income tax and they go spunking it on wars for big oil corporations. Then there's VAT. How the fu#k does that one work? It's a flat rate tax which applies just as harshly to the poor as the rich. So anyone able to explain things like VAT on food? How does that work? VAT on food? In fact how does VAT work at all? It’s the worst form of tax going.

Stupid. Just stupid.


PS I will update you on the progress of my letter writing campaign. I may even mention all this on the radio. That'd really pi#s people off.

*This is documented here and here.
**Well, tomorrow. Probably.


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