(Saturday) The irony is, if not for all this nonsense, I would have never looked.

So I was in Leeds recently and I saw two male and female couples wandering around the town with each other. Not an unusual sight, unless you count the fact that they were clearly either totally wan#ered or fu#ked up on an unimaginable quantity of drugs or something. They were totally out of tune* with everyone around them. One of the women was sat on a step shouting about her shoe. Everyone in the vicinity was ignoring the commotion including her friends.

It felt like everywhere I went in Leeds they were there. Acting strangely. Shouting at each other. Walking about in a haze. Around 5 degrees out of focus but enough to make them strange to everyone else. They weren't hassling anyone else. They seemed to lack any real self awareness.

The third time I saw them the big bloke with the bald head was shouting at his girlfriend. He kept berrating her for at least a couple of minutes as I walked along towards them amazed that our paths were crossing yet again. Then -WHACK- the woman punched him as hard as she could. He face didn't change its expression and he continued to bait her. She swung again. Really landing a punch on the guy but still he continued apparently unaffected.

He was a stocky chap and his face had a look of a cheeky japester plasted over the visage of a mindless psychotic lunatic. This effect was emphasised when the next of his lady's punches caused a little spurt of blood to spout from his mouth and splatter between his eyes. He carried on grinning and teasing and she whacked him again smearing the small splat of blood. Then she screamed:

"You dirty b#stard you're just trying to get me to knock that tooth out so as you don't have to go to the dentist. Well I'm not gonna. I'm not. F#ck you."

"Ahhh, come on you dirty cow."

"Nahhh. I'm not gunna."

- Like I say, they were only a few degrees out but what a difference it can make.


*I love this metaphor at the moment. The idea that we're all occupying different frequencies makes a lot of sense to me. It takes the idea that all people are good, or intend good and that wrong actions result from people misunderstanding each other and occupying the wrong headspace. You tune into someone when you chat to them or communicate. I'm explaining this more than I need to right? Yep. Shut up Nick.


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