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I've always liked having a little rant on forums. I've been holding off writing on one of my favourites (Sheffield Forum) recently as I didn't want to get dragged into a conversation about why I've recently stopped presenting a phone in show on Hallam FM. It'd get messy and that story is for another time.

However, last night, I'm ashamed to admit, I simply couldn't resist. There was an ongoing conversation about banning smoking in Morrisons cafe. I've long opposed banning smoking in public places. I'm not a smoker but I don't see why that should cut me out of a debate which is really about pushing people around and telling them what to do.

I've always thought laws should be the sort of thing that, if broken, your conscience will taunt you about it. Sorry but no one's going to feel guilty about smoking in a pub*. This alone is a reason why this law is f#ckwitted.

Further to that it's about the many oppressing the few. This of course is one of the ideological problems with facism which history has shown can have terrible consequences for humanity.

It amused me that one of the posters couldn't see why it was relevant that Adolf Hitler was in fact the first to bring in anti-smoking laws**.

So I let rip. In the old fashioned way. And it was fun. But I need to be careful. Forums can take over my life when I'm not careful. In the end I get about four or five of my favourites and cycle through them waiting for the arguments to develop further and the discussions to require another response from me.

This can go on for hours.

Meanwhile my life flickers by and I achieve nothing other than the vague feeling of pride that can come from destroying the ill conceived arguments of strangers.


*Furthermore no one will feel guilty about taking drugs/speeding in a car/copying an album off the net. All these laws are ropey to say the least.

**His backers were also the first to progenate the idea of the European Union alongside various other policies which are now taken for granted. Do some research, it'll make you giggle for a bit as you realise what nonsense the world is.

The post is replicated below and I've tried to put up another video which is lighthearted and short. The idea is to balance out the other one further down.

If the video doesn't work the video is hosted at follow this link.

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Originally Posted by onewheeldave
As previously pointed out, smoking is not a choice, it's an addiction.

What? You don't seriously buy all this nonsense about addicts not having choice do you? What patronising nonsense! We're talking about people here. Real people. Of course they have a choice: sort your life out or whinge on about it until you die.

It sickens me to see people bumbling on about how they're just an innocent victim in all this. You buy the fags. You smoke them. You enjoy them. See you in hospital. Where's the problem?

Right - to the issue at hand:

Originally Posted by onewheeldave
Also mentioned was the fact that, for fans of personal choice like your yourself, public smoking bans are an expression of the choice of the majority to protect the rights of non-smokers.

These bans are all about real choice.

You're position here is morally indefensible but there's a reason you've been programmed to defend it. What this bill is actually about is the opression of the few by the many. They're getting you up and dancing along to that particular tune so you're less inclined to kick up a fuss when they start using it to control you in other ways.

Let me put it to you like this: If 51% of our democracy vote that the other 49% should live in slavery does that make it morally correct?*

Originally Posted by onewheeldave
As for car exhaust fumes and ID cards, everyone is still at liberty to protest aganist them- allowing public smoking is hardly going to help prevent them, is it?

You've totally misunderstood the point I was making here. This smoking debate is a "smokescreen" behind which all manner of other civil rights are gradually being stolen erroded and/or destroyed forever.

You try protesting, you'll be moved along, it's not legal anymore, particularly if you want to do it where it counts, anywhere near the houses of parliament.

Protest? Don't make me laugh. What nonsense. It's almost impossible these days.

The reason they want people like you lot to go defending the idea of the oppressing minorities like smokers is so you get into the herd mentality which is needed for when they come round your house scanning your retina and logging your DNA.*


*Couple of years ago this would have got me and my friends described as conspiracy theorists. Not so nowadays. Go read the papers.
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