So the previous one certainly put up the hit rate, shame that entry is littered with videos that don't seem to work!

I've totally overloaded myself with comic books today. I've written around 4,000 words for reviews which will feature in a magazine called REDEYE. I've mentioned it here in the past*. What I'm worried about is, the comics I am reviewing are all very niche market and made on a shoestring largely for the sheer love of it. I've just read one which although technically reasonable is, to be frank, utter wa#k. I'm trying to look for the positive but there really isn't one. It's a dull unstimulating read. I've written out my review and just re-read it before doing this blog entry and in it's present state I can't possibly allow it to be published. It's too harsh. My dillema is clear: should I tell the editor I can't review it because it's so bad or do I do the honest thing and deliver the truth?

Is honesty really the best policy?

"Hey man, what did you think of my stand-up?"

"You're not very funny, you didn't get any laughs and you look nervous."

"Um. Right. Yeh. Thanks. Honesty's the best policy."

How about this, picture the scene, you're relaxing with your lover after a particularly furious session of physical fun. You look over at each other lovingly and then honestly compliment each other:

"That was great, easily the fourth best sexual experience of my life.."**

- not a good thing for her or you to say.

The reason I raise all these points is because I'm worried I'll upset this person if I review his little comic book and put into print my thoughts about how bad it is. Print seems harsher and more final than a bit of nonsense on a website.


A dab of the steroid creme and the skin heals up. Amazing. What am I going to do with this cheeky flaky foot of mine.

This is a great, very amusing website: Don't let the charity angle put you off, there's some genuinely funny stuff in there. Listening to the various people waffling on about chickens is the highlight for me. Nice and odd. Thanks to Phil Tarry for the link.

* My history of reviewing comic books is documented here, here and [external link to actual review of a comic]here.

**This is of course a fictional example. All my best experiences have been with my current partner and happened the last time we were together. The same I'm sure is true of her. In fact we didn't have sex with other people before this relationship started. We kept ourself pure for each other. We have a solid honest relationship! And she's got a blog. Which she won't give me the address of. Ruined.


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