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Squeeze the birds... tuppence a bag.

Never get a metal basket when you're out shopping in the supermarket. It's false economy. You'll always get more than you thought you were going to and it'll be all heavy and cut into your hands. Then it'll be swinging like a basta#d and banging into your leg. Then you'll be limited as to how much stuff you can get and you'll want to go back and get a trolley.

Notice how few people use baskets?

Why do you think that is? Because they're sh#t.

On the other hand I think those little trolleys that they do are fantastic. They present a natural barrier to over-spending and carry loads of stuff. You should use them.

Also never shop on an empty stomach, it means you buy loads more food than you need.

Also, don't drink bleach. It's bad.

And don't write dull weblog entries because you're tired.

If you do, certainly don't admit they're a bit dull.

Try and make out they're interesting.




It's a podcast that my friend Tom Binns made. He's very talented and funny and he used to do the slot I currently do on Hallam FM. He features heavily in the story of my first stand-up gig which you can see if you visit my profile and click on the other blog I did. If you've got a website you think is worth a look don't be afraid to email me:

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