Stack chak tak... not doing a phone in anymore?

I've got to stop eating Atkins friendly snacks. Low carb bars. They cost a fortune and are not tummy friendly. The last two days I've eaten loads of them. I'm binging at the moment but trying to stick to my diet. On the atkins you can, in theory eat as much as you like. I haven't put any weight on so far so...

Anyway, they're really not too nice, but ... well they're something to chew on.

I also had a chocolate milkshake which was low carb. It was brown, sort of warm and tasted nothing like chocolate. I only had a bit. Brown liquids which don't taste of chocolate aren't very nice*. It tasted a little like fluid cleaner. Very artificial. Yuk - !

The reason I'm eating loads is because I'm stressed out about stuff. It's not a good response to the world but there we are. Part of the theory behind smoking for me was that it'd cut down on binge eating. Unfortunately it didn't and it made little difference to my weight. Rubbish.

I feel a bit let down by smoking actually. It promises so much yet delivers so little...

Promises implicitly made by smoking:

1, Keeps your weight down. --- Not true.

2, Keeps you relaxed. --- Not true, actually stresses you more.

3, Looks cool. --- True. Sorry, but it's true. If you say it doesn't you're just being a tw#t. It looks cool. F#ck you. Them's the breaks. "Eeew... how can it look cool? It just looks mankey etc etc". No you're wrong. It looks cool, and sexy. Yeh! Deal with that piece of news. Women who smoke look sexy. What do you think to that?

This is why I'm no longer a smoker. It promises much and delivers nothing. Nothing because there's no point being cool if people like you can't see how cool I am.


*Unless they're gravy. Gravy is nice. I can't think of any other brown substances that are nice though.


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