Stolen by Owen Ryan

I’m reviewing shitloads of new comics at the moment and I can honestly say none I’ve read are better than the one I’m known for raving about that is published here in Sheffield and called Phlegm. I’ve obviously embarrassed the bloke who writes it more than once with my none stop flow of praise for it but f#ck it, I think he’s a genius! The comic reads really well and unlike some small press stuff I’ve read it’s a million miles away from ending up it’s own arse. The new issue has hit the shops this week and I seriously reccomend you go get a copy, each one is a genuine art event. The beauty of it being smallpress is that in years from now these things really will be worth a fortune unlike the mass produced comics people still try to flog on eBay.

This issue is particularly exciting as I’ve convinced him to use one of my scripts which I was going to send off to Viz magazine. It’s called “that bloke off big brother”. As it's been a lifelong ambition of mine to write a comic seeing the finished article in there was pretty satisfying. Even though the story is only short (3 pictures) it's nice to make my debut in a comic that I sincerely believe to be one of the most exciting publications out at the moment. I've no doubt that Phlegm will grow to be big news over the next few years and it's exciting to help it in any way I can.

If you look on the sidebar of this blog there's a link over to Phlegm comics. Follow it if you want to read more. I also hear that the local papers (I wonder who tipped them off) in South Yorkshire are picking up on the story now as well so if you live round here make sure you keep an eye on them to see who breaks the news first.


Oh boy is my athlete's foot back in style. It's giving me a better more satisfying longer lasting super dooper mega funbags itch! I've been in itchy heaven, when my girlfriend's back has been turned. I really must sort it out but at the moment I don't actually want to.


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