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(Sunday) Bats! Bats! Bats! They do not, like the day light.

Sat on the fu#king replacement bus service when I hear the following chat coming from an impossibly good looking bloke at the back of the coach:

"Yeah dude! I'm just enjoying life at the moment... Having a good time all the time, fella!!! Yo!!! You give me a call and we'll sort something out mate. Yeah, V-I-fa#king- Penis mate, V-I-fa#king Penis. Oh mate. You know it... I do just do something crazy every weekend man. I'll let you shoot mate. It's Chico time."*

I'm convinced I could have shot him dead and got a round of applause from the rest of the people on the bus. He was clearly a tw#t. I mulled it over in my mind as the coach rumbled on over the bumpy roads I paid to avoid. People like that confuse me. Have they always been like that or is it something they learn once they're hanging around with other c#nts? I often find my manner is affected by the people I hang around with. Who first started behaving like that, and why? Amazing.

The Chris Morris, Nathan Barley programme was made too early.


Text message off a mate: Can't let you get away with that blog entry re: "petrol caps". You can easily get a petrol pump to fill your car if it's on the wrong side. Particualrly with your little motor.

- I will investigate this next time I fill up but I'm reticent already.


*Word for word! I kid you not.

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