That low carb chocolate drink was disgusting!

I keep getting nasty little electric shocks off things. It's really disturbing. Doing my radio show, bzzt - desk gives me a static. Unlocking my car door? Bzzt - there's another. Getting on an escelator? Bzzt! Arm's rigid with static.

The problem with this is it means you really tense up before making contact with something. This intensifies the unpleasant nature of getting a little shock.

I told the bloke who works here at Hallam FM and he suggested that it might be my shoes? It might be. But these are really old shoes. I can't go buying new ones just yet. It doesn't really explain it, but it worked last night when I did my radio show barefoot. I didn't get any shocks on air.

The thing that's worrying me is that the last time I had this problem was years ago when I worked at a radio station called Oak FM. I was forever getting nasty nips in the tip of my finger or on my hand etc. Oak FM was an unpleasant place to work at the time and I can easily say it was one of the toughest times in my radio career. I was often tense and worried.

I've long thought that life goes in cycles. Events often seem to recur in different forms as we go along. There's a lot about existence that we do not understand.

I'm not suggesting history is coming round again.

I'm just -bzzt- for f#ck's sake! How can you get one off a table?



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