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I've got a dilemma: The "V for Vendetta" films is on, should I go and see it? It's a film based on a comic book by a bona fide genius writer called Alan Moore. He's one of the greatest writers to have ever existed. When the film was being made they LIED and said that it had his backing which catagorically it does not. It's a great comic book and it looks like a good film but Alan Moore has gone to such great lengths to dissasosciate himself from it that I feel morraly bound not to go and see it. It will NEVER be as good as the comic. That's a given. I draw the attention of my reader to one "Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" film.

I'm sat with my girlfriend in front of the telly and Stephen Fry is doing an interview to promote it. Stephen Fry is in it. Oh dear. Stephen Fry was in the Hitch Hiker's guide travesty. I've just seen a clip of it. It looks s-it. Really sh-t.

Oh and Tony fu-knut Blair's son was in the film crew. The son of a t-at is involved. How utterly nasty this world can be.

If you know nothing about Alan Moore you should make haste and find out about him. He's a genius, a true genius. Largely solely responsible for invigorating the comic book industry in the mid to late 80's. There's a good fan site here: www.alanmoorefansite.com. They seem to be rather keen on the whole business of this film. I've seen loads of interviews with Alan Moore where he slags it though.

I really do not know if I should see it. If I'd never gone to see the Hitchhiker's film I think I'd still want to see it now.

It's a teaser.



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