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Follow the foot (friday)

Battle between the wibbly people and the prickly people

Buck Rodgers is very happy nowadays

Still can't stop laughing at fat f#ckwitted failure Jade Goody... ho ho ho... oops, there I go again.

From eccentricity to darkest mania

(Sunday) It perfectly encapsulates the frustration of the day!

(Saturday) And the piper plays on and on and on and so on

The reality sucker punch of truth...

The absurd boasting and tall tales of Mr Damage

The Royal Visit

Gamba gu gamba

The green light spells of danger mouse (Monday)

Under the drops and close by (Sunday)

All the rocks are singing songs that I cannot understand

Yipardee dat da - da doh doh - pee pa dee dap, da da doh!

There's a sting in the sun as it licks your eyes

How can you not like that? What the f##k is wrong with you?

Then my bones turned to mush and I slipped through the cracks in the floor

The last song in the "Key of Z" must chime over the hills

"Right, now we've changed the sheets we'll flip the mattress" - "Okay babes, lets flip it, you take that side"

"oh - erm, I don't - erm, TSK! Who put that there! Grr! Erm, bugger." (saturday)

Something went wrong with it... so I fixed it... now I realise how much I love it... (friday)

As you like it

So re-write the f#cking rules you moron... just put that

A sleeping giant awakes today... he plans not to sleep for the next 100 years?

The 3rd of May, judgement day, now I see the flush, and the burning of the Bush.

The human race will never truely be happy if even just one of us is left standing in tears.

Cover your eyes in the light of the stars and sing, sing, sing!

The twisted cuckold fantasies of Johnny Rubberheads