All the rocks are singing songs that I cannot understand

We went, once again, to the fantastic Zumeba and watched no less than five acts and a compare. It's easily my favourite comedy club in Manchester now, despite the mixed bag of tricks on display this time round. I like comedy and I get the impression that most of the people who go there (we're talking about 20-30 people at a guess) do too. As a consequence I think there's room for people to try stuff out. One or two of the acts on were clearly what's known as "open spots". These are people who are trying out new material and/or are fairly inexperienced in the art of comedy. One of these open spots tried doing an act with no jokes in it whatsoever! Brave but a bit pointless. Another of the open spots was a girl who did some of the most extreme material I've ever heard. Her set didn't really take off either but she got a few laughs.Inbetween these two in the line-up was a canadian bloke who did sort of magic tricks. He raised the roof! His set was a bit short and I couldn't help wondering if he was a particularly good open spot. He was taking his clothes off and doing all sorts of silly stuff. Really funny.

The main act was a bloke called Gary Delaney who I sort of know through my friend Tom Binns. I was really close to saying hello to him, the conversation would have probably run like this:

"hello, erm, you were really funny, I liked the Basil Brush joke about suicide bombers."

"Oh thanks."

"Yeah and I know a mate of yours called Tom Binns so... erm, hello again, erm..."

"Oh you know Tom do you, great etc"

I think I'm either profoundly ill at ease with myself or grossly anti-social. Either that or a combination of the two but I decided not to bother saying hello to him. He was funny and I would have been full of praise but I'm just rubbish in these situations. Obviously later on you think, 'yeah should have said hello to him'. But I didn't. I remember getting an email off someone once who'd been at some event I'd been at, they said they'd sussed out who I was and they were going to say hello because they liked the talkshow but didn't in the end. I'm sure if they had we'd have had a quick polite chat and then carried on with our lives. Hey ho.

Still, Zumebar's pretty good in Manchester on a Friday if you're ever over there.



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