As you like it

I, like everyone else, was sad to hear that cheesey Big Brother "star" Anthony has been the victim of a bit of random violence over the weekend. Apparently some thug bludgeoned his nose for fun. Not nice.

The thing about it is that there will be a proportion of people who'll relish this news and think it's okay to gloat about it. It's not. Human savagary is always depressing. Even when the victim is a grinning halfwit.

What strikes me about these things is that firstly whenever you get a bit of unprovoked violence like this there's always people who try to make out that there's some sort of justice there: "Oh he must have done something to deserve it..."

Bo#locks. That is not always the case.

I've seen (in fact I know people) who will kick off for no reason. They get off on it. There's no rhyme or reason for it. Yet always there's some fuc#nut who'll trot out a little bit of cod-morality. "He was looking at his burd" - "He spilt his pint" - "He gave him an odd look" etc, etc. What rubbish. All this really means is that they hope it never happens to them so they've invented a number of things which they'd never do.

The -serves you right- mentality.

I remember getting a kicking once in Sheffield for no good reason. The excuse was that I'd 'pinched [his] burds arse'.

The number of people who then trotted out the - "ooh but you can be argumentative, did they know who you were?". No. I didn't argue with them I didn't get the chance. They were too busy beating me with their fists and feet. So f#ck off and let me go buy some make-up to cover this black eye.

Yes, that's right! I wore make-up. On my black eye. I was caught between two polar opposites: feel like a woman with make-up on or an uber-hardman with a black eye.

"Grr - yeh, you should have seen the other fella - grrr! I've got a black-eye so f#ck yooo!".

So. I'm not just putting a link up to this story about Anthony off Big Brother because I think it's funny that he got punched. I don't think it's funny. I'm sure you won't either. Nor is the idea that he might now be putting make-up on amusing. Or the inevitable soul searching he'll have done when he was on his own with his wound.



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