Buck Rodgers is very happy nowadays

So I went to my first weight watchers meeting. I don't think I've ever felt more out of my depth at 7pm on a Wednesday evening. Very odd. Still on the flipside it was quite nice to do something new and different. I now have my book which tells me how many points there are for different foods. I also know how many points I'm allowed each day: 31.

I kind of feel like it'll be worthwhile but at the same time am a bit embarrased that I'm going to something which is populated mainly by women who are slightly older than me.

One of the women there clearly wasn't a fan of my talkshow. She (with a jokey smile) said "oh you're that bastard off the radio are you ... ha ha ha". Bit difficult to know what to do with that other than smile and go "ho ho - yep - ho ho".

So I got weighed and told I wasn't really that overweight. Only need to loose about a stone. Cool. Nice to hear. Actually I think my scales at home are broken. I weighed less there, fully clothed, than I did in my bathroom naked, first thing in the morning. They're quite old scales and sustained my bulk when I really was big (18 stone baby!).

I listened to a talk about how the sort of knickers you wear determine what sort of person you are. Pink is the best I think. Pink or black. I wasn't really paying attention. I was busy reading my book and wondering how many points a pint of Guinness is.



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