Follow the foot (friday)

So far my weight watchers plan is working out okay. I was telling a mate about it recently, slightly embarrased and he said "I've got nothing but respect for it mate, I lost loads doing that". We then chatted about points and stuff. Madness. I feel like I've joined some secret club like the freemasons or something. Perhaps that's how Weight Watchers should move things forward to the next level? Get a secret handshake and perpetuate a few rumors that it is actually they who rule the world. I'd be up for that.

In fact I've always said that if there really is a big conspiracy to rule the world whoever is organising it should really get in touch with me. I reckon I could lend a hand. I'll take that Loose Change film off my sidebar for starters. Loads of people have followed the link from this blog to that film. Maybe I'll make one which challenges it. Or something.

It does all sound like fun though doesn't it? You know, being a secret ruler of the world. Particularly if it involves turning into a lizard from the future like that David Icke bloke says. That really would be fun.


If you secret society people exist, you know, get in touch. We'll do business.


*Don't worry readers, it's all a cunning ploy. I'm going to get them on my side first, then expose their evil ways!**

**Er... not really. I actually just wanna see someone turn into a lizard and/or watch that secret Kennedy tape.


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