From eccentricity to darkest mania

So I got a rejection letter off Tharg today for the recent story I submitted.

The gist of it was this:

“Apologies for the brevity of this letter […] too much expositional dialogue and captions, rather than allowing the storytelling to flow smoothly.”

My last rejection letter said he felt there was “too much expositional dialogue”. It’s clearly a weakness of my writing. I over explain things. I do it on the radio as well. And quite probably on this blog.

You know. I go into real detail, over tiny things which you already understand. I keep on and on about something which even a four year old would have grasped by now. It’s almost as if I’m explaining them to myself for the first time. You don't need to know about it in miniscule detail but you get it molecule by molecule, atom by atom.*

Rejection is a pain in the arse but a necessary evil. If you want to get anywhere worthwhile you need to put a bit of time and effort in. I’ve got three rejection letters from Hallam FM still in my boxes at home. They'll crack in the end.

I sat on my bed and read a book my sister got me for my birthday. It's got a summary of the 7 Habits of Successful People in it. I've decided to follow the advice and become a successful person.

Starting tomorrow.

No, the day after.

Actually it's Weight Watchers the day after.

Next week then. Certainly sometime next week.


*Ho ho. See how I just did it then? Brilliant. By doing it on purpose it sort of means I always do it on purpose doesn’t it? Yeah! I only sent in my sh#t script as a sort of elaborate joke. Yeah. Bo#llocks. Ruined. C#nt.


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