Gamba gu gamba

Slightly strange feeling today. I'm standing in for my ol' pal Matt Mackay while he gets his teeth into "The Big Drive Home". Matt does my old afternoon show, the daytime one I did before moving to nights to do the talkshow. It's strange to be sat here prepping my show just like I used to a couple of years ago. I'm sort of nervous but also quite excited. I'm sure something will go wrong today because I'm new to it.

What I'd completely forgotten about was the fact that when you work during the day what you wear becomes more relelvant than it is when you work in the middle of the night. Usually I rock up in whatever clothes I like and then wander round in my socks scratching my ar#e and picking my nose whenever the mood takes me. Currently the laws of social engagement prohibit such activity. People might think me a bit weird.

However - it means I'm more than a little annoyed that:

a) I'm having a bad hair day and my barnet looks really s#it.
b) My trousers look like they need ironing.
c) I look fat.

I'm not used to being genuinely annoyed about such things. At least not when I'm getting ready to do a radio show.


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