The green light spells of danger mouse (Monday)

I'm known as a fan of Dr Who. In fact I'll go you one further. I'd say I'm quite possibly South Yorkshire's most vocal fan of the programme. Friday nights' bitter blow still smarts today. I forced my girlfriend, her brother and Dad to watch the first episode rather than go out to TGI Fridays. That joy was postponed while we all sat in amazement.

It wasn't a good episode.

There's no way round that.

My only consolations are that firstly the new Doctor isn't as awful as I thought and that Dr Who can often start with a duff episode. If I'm honest with myself the first episode of the last series was utter to#s. It can surely only improve.

The first ever episode of Dr Who is rubbish actually. It's called An Unearthly Child and there's little or nothing to reccomend it. Things only really got cooking in the second story when the Daleks stormed onto the scene.

In fact Dr Who has always been patchy but as I discovered this weekend at The Zumebar that's in many ways a lot more fun than consistently good. I like risk takers. It's the reason I like Blur more than Oasis. The former took more risks than the latter so as a consequence in the longterm they're more fun to listen to.

The fact Dr Who is sometimes s#ite is what makes it better than Star Trek. The former is the Blur of Sci-Fi where the latter is the Oasis of the two.


It was still a bit embarrasing to have to admit that I'd forced a whole room full of people to watch something which was s#it though.



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