The human race will never truely be happy if even just one of us is left standing in tears.

There's a pub in Neepsend called The Gardener's Rest. I think this is it CLICK HERE[extrenal link]. I'm going to try and convince my mate James Piekos to come along and look at it when he pops up tomorrow. He's all up for going to The Carvery that we used to frequent but I'm in two minds about it. I always eat too much there and I fancy a change.

The reason I want to go to this other pub is that the bloke who writes Phlegm has put on an exhibition there. I've successfully befriended him now. He's a nice chap and it's a bit odd because although we're friends I'm still a big fan of his work. My only other friend like this is Scottie McClue. Other mates who are particularly good at what they do I was friends with first and then a fan of second, if you see what I mean.

I've never been to this pub before so it'd be a little adventure for me.

I've never really got into pub culture to be honest. I've not been part of a local, not really. I've never had my picture stuck up on one of those 'bonkers boards' you often see where pub regulars are displayed in all their glory at birthdays/lock-ins/parties etc.

I think partly this is because I can't handle my drink so don't usually retain the necessary social skills for long enough when I'm in a pub. It's also partly because of my rubbish working hours. And perhaps because I go through long periods of feeling anti-social and incommunicative.

All those things combined I think.



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