The last song in the "Key of Z" must chime over the hills

The life of a late night local radio disc jockey is, as I've said on here before, one of endless spare time and occasional boredom. It's satirised perfectly in the "I'm Alan Partridge" TV series which could easily have been based on large parts of my life.

Today I sat and played for hours on a playstation game called Worms World Party*. I'm now at the rank "Major". Days like this annoy me because I know I've totally wasted it and will one day re-read entries like this in horror as I see how clearly I've wasted years of my life. I know I've got the potential to do good stuff. What am I doing with this potential? Earning the dubious title of "Major" on Worms World Party. "Major" what, I ask you? "Major" waster/geek/bore?

I slump towards the fridge - I'm pretty sure there's nothing in there for me to eat. Actually, no, what's this? A Snickers bar? For me? It's probably Matt's I'm sure he won't mind. I can always buy him a new one, replace it. Anyway I've bitten a chunk off it now. Tastes a bit odd. Very, very, very, chewey.

And.. it's grey.

How can it be grey?

I've seen many things in my life but never before have I seen a mouldy, grey, Snickers bar. It's just not something you come to expect. Even when you live in the flat I do.

Nasty eh?**

I binned it and the green Twix which was sat next to it.


*On the Plastation - not Plastation II or PS2 or whatever it is you think I mean. Just a normal playstation because late night local radio does not contrary to popular belief pay big money. At least not if you're me.

**It gets nastier. As I looked at the grey Snickers bar I carried on chewing and I must admit the familliar taste of chocolate had now returned to my mouth. I -for a split second- debated whether to eat it anyway. Common sense prevailed but there we are.


Got an email off a very helpful reader which sums up the response of almost everyone whom I've showed FlashEarth to. I like to think of this blog as a potential portal to other interesting things on the net though and as a consequnce bring you this link:


You really don't want to go ranting and raving about Flash Earth. Not because it isn't a good product. Not even because everyone else already knows about it. But instead because it is not the original or best product of this genre. In fact Flash Earth is just a Flash implementation of 2 other products called Google Earth / Local and Microsoft Live Local.

So why are they any better than the really cool thing that you have been playing with? Well Google Earth is a desktop application (from which the images that you are seeing are taken) that offers much more functionality that you see with your service. You can zoom, rotate, pan... cool. On Google Earth you can tilt and fly. You can see important momuments marked on the map for you. You can get driving directions. You can overlay maps. And my favourite bit is that when you zoom out instead of getting the flat map of the Earth that we have all seen 100 time before you get a globe. That you can spin. Ahhhh... So I would suggest that you have a play on this instead. It is a free download from .

Now what about these other things? What the hell are they? Well Google Local is a web based implementation of Google Earth. So it is actually pretty similar to what you were looking at before. It is not written in Flash so there are some differences (mainly the initial loading time is much less) and you can quickly switch between maps and satellite photos. Or even view them both at once. It also knows where things are. So you can search for cinemas near you, or shops or whatever. It will even pinpoint Hallam Fm (although I don't know how correctly) -- see this link: here . Hallam Fm should be marked with an A.

And Microsoft Windows Live Local... well I am not much of a fan. I mean it is cool. But it offers you nothing new from what you have already seen. It is roughly equivalent to Google Local. Offering local searches and maps.

Anyway, that is a tour of the current offerings from all the big names in the satellite imaging world.

All the best,

Sam in Sheffield.


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