"Right, now we've changed the sheets we'll flip the mattress" - "Okay babes, lets flip it, you take that side"

The bouncing leg syndrome seems to be a common phenomena. I was sat in my favourite bar/resteraunt and there were some foreign people sat on the table opposite. They were bantering away and one of the blokes had a bouncy leg. There it was in all its glory. I wonder if he picked up this odd little trait while in this country or if it's something that is a trans-gpobal problem?

My mate Phoneboy gets it, I get it, my flatmates get it. I'm sure on occassion you've had it. It's not a major problem, in fact it's almost a bit of fun. You bounce your leg. That's it. Some people think it's a sign of nerves. I think that's boll#cks. I often do it when I'm not feeling nervous. So does my mate Phoneboy.

I remember someone once telling me it was called St Vitus dance? I'm sure that it's not as serious as that though. It's something that is perfectly within our control. You can think about it and stop bouncing your leg. If you want, but actually I quite enjoy doing it, so why should I stop?

The thing is, it seems contagious. If you're in a room with another bloke who's bouncing it's hard not to follow suit. I've watched it spread round a room*. The odd thing about it is that it's a largely male pastime. Women are less likely to bounce. I do not know why this is but think there's a piece of profound knowledge waiting to be discovered within the reason.


*A bit like yawning. Now I've mentioned yawning, you'll be thinking about yawning yourself proabably. I'm fighting against the urge myself. It's -yawn- hard not to. Feels good though.


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