The Royal Visit

My mate James Piekos has sent me a very unintentionally amusing article about "BIG Brother star Dan Bryan* [who] is returning to his former career as a hairdresser". It's in the local Hull and Eastridings newspaper. There's some lovely bits of nonsense in there along with the comment that this decision to go back to hairdressing shows "his celebrity status [has] not changed him". Clearly not.

The real corker though is this line:

"I'm not charging stupid prices either. Just because I have been on TV it does not mean I'm going to come back and start charging hundreds of pounds - that would be a slap in the face to the people of Hull"

This last quote made me and James laugh for a good solid five minutes. A slap in the face to the people of Hull? What the f#ck is he talking about there? I'm sure the people of Hull would tell matey to f#ck right off if he started charging a fortune. It's good business sense not to charge someone a stupid price mate. Nothing more.

I've gone on record in the past as saying that reality TV makes victims of its "stars". This misguided fool is a classic example.


*The "[who]" is added here to give the sentence grammatical clarity. It just so happens that it could easily work if I'd put [who?]. Dan Bryan is "That Bloke Off Big Brother" to you and me. Go buy the current issue of Phelgm - I wrote a story about him!


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