(Saturday) And the piper plays on and on and on and so on

The subject of "Lucid Dreaming" has come up on this site in the past. My mate Richard has been experimenting with it after looking at the website suggested here by the mighty Neil Porter*. As I wrote previously I've been recording all of my dreams each morning. A few texts from my mate Richard recently sent me barmey with jealousy:

"Dreamed I had a shark attacking me in an aquarium - then I realised I could breathe underwater and it triggered a reality check. Then I got all excited like when Alan Partridge gets Ursula Andress in his car and could only think to change the colour of the fish before I woke up inside another dream I didn't realise was a dream. Have to watch this mate, could turn into a real pair of dream geeks, boring all we talk to..."**

Amazed and a bit excited I continued faithfully recording my dreams. This helps you to remember your dreams and makes it more likely you can distinguish between the two.

So I was busy boring my mate Craig*** who'd come up to say hello, with talk about dreams. When he added his twopenneth to the mix:

"Apparently if you talk to someone in a dream you're actually talking to a demon from another dimension. A good way of telling your dreaming is by looking to see if you've got any hands. I heard it on some radio show or something. Fancy another pint? This pub's got a menu for beer****!"

That night I finally managed to crack it. For the first time in years.

I was in a room and it was dark, there was a storm outside coupled with a bit of thick rain. In that instance I realised I was dreaming. It was obvious, I had no memory of how I'd got there and the room had no doors. Could only be a dream. I tested the thoery by trying to turn into something other than a human. The oddest thing I could think of, something truely strange. I turned into a duck.

So there I am. A fu#king duck. Madness! I strutted about the room quacking, although to me it sounded like a loud barking noise. Then I thrashed my legs (which were my wings) and took flight. Whoosh, out of the window. It was dark and outside the building, there was a huge ocean. So here I am, a duck flying over the sea. Not the strangest dream I've had recently but certainly odd.

All the time it took a slight effort to remember that I was in fact dreaming. It was an odd but convincing experience. Really exciting but at the same time a little scary. I remember thinking there was no reason I couldn't fly as a human. Soon I'm flying in the nude over the sea.

As I'm 'flying' the following thoughts go through my head: this'll make a good 'blog entry, bloody hell can't wait to tell Richard, this is lasting ages, wonder what you do for real sleep then if you've lucid during your dreams? How do you relax? Do you need to?

Now I've been flying without direction for some time over what looks suspiciously like "google.earth" when I decide to test the theory that you can breathe underwater in dreams.

As I hit the waves I remember what Craig said about demons and also note to myself that I've not yet spoken to anyone or anything. As I sink into the water I literally and metaphorically feel out of my depth. I'm breathing fine but a little scared of meeting anyone.

I'm talking to 'maverick film maker' Louis Theroux totally unaware it's a dream.

I wake up. Amazed.


*Neil suggests in a more recent email that we put a comments page on the site. I'm not so sure, I quite like it that it's all done through emails. Saves me having to come along and moderate the da#n thing everyday. Feel free to email me your thoughts: Nick@hallamfm.co.uk

The reason I didn't have one initially is because I didn't want people kicking off about the fact I don't do a talkshow anymore.

He also points out that Toby Foster (who was mentioned last week in this update) has a website of sorts at www.grinreaper.co.uk. This is of course true. However if you check my sidebar you'll see one to www.lastlaugh.biz, a website which also covers The Last Laugh and features Toby's podcast which I'd go as far as to say was quite good.

**Nonsense. There's nothing more exciting than listening to other people's dreams. It's ace.

***He's a Reading fan and was round to see the recent football match in Sheffield.

****The Devonshire Cat. My mate Ben took me there recently and I vowed to get pissed in it as soon as I saw the menu!


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