A sleeping giant awakes today... he plans not to sleep for the next 100 years?

I've just finished the reviews of various small-press comics which I've been struggling to finish for the uber-geek magazine "REDEYE" that I occasionally write for. It's taken me hours but in a bizzarre way it's a really satisfying process. It's sort of scary firstly because here I am criticising stuff which has been written by creative people* who are in places really baring their soul. I'm not a fan of the idea that I might be the brick wall into which their dreams crash. However I really do love comics books and unlike most enthusiasts I actually like the idea of them being a mainstream interest. I dig the idea of people liking the sort of stuff I'm into. In fact it's often oddly important to me.

Doing firm but fair reviews is my way of trying to ensure a quality level in the future. The last issue carried a couple of harsh words for a few creators but they seemed to take it fairly well judging by responses on their website. They may of course be hiding the pain. I've no way of knowing.

When you do something creative in life you've got your soft and dangly bits out on show. Having someone come over and prod it, then measure it while tutting to themselves isn't a nice experience I'm sure. That's why creative people are so odd. They've constantly got their bits out. It does things to your mind.

Anyway, as a result of enjoying writing these reviews and the 'nobel purpose' behind which I'm writing them I've decided to do a new blog. It's still very much in the planning stages but I think it might be quite good. It's going to be something along the lines of a "Blog Review" where I'm planning to write online critiques of other people's blogs. The reason for this is that I enjoy reading 'blogs but can never find good regularly updated ones which are worth the effort. The only ones I currently know of are ones I've mentioned here in the past.

There's Bored Housewife.

There's Richard Herring.

And... that's it.**

As you may have noticed it's a bit of a minefield finding anything of any worth on the internet. You search through and find good intentions mired by laziness. Either that or self indulgence parading as quality. Or just utter f#ckwits who can't spell let alone string a sentence together. It's annoying to say the least.

That's why I like the idea of a blog review site. If you'd like to contribute to it send me an email and I'll try and work out how to go about adding you. Nick@hallamfm.co.uk


*Like my mate who writes Phlegm. I went to his exhibition yesterday and as you'd expect it's brilliant. As is the pub that's hosting it, The Gardener's Rest, located at the bottom of the hill leading towards the ski village. It's in Neepsend in Sheffield. Go see it if you can.

**Well, not quite. There's a mate of mine's who doesn't want me to plug it on here because he's a pus#y and then of course there is also my girlfriend's which she doesn't want me to plug on here either because she is also a p#ssy.


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