Still can't stop laughing at fat f#ckwitted failure Jade Goody... ho ho ho... oops, there I go again.

I spent the day re-grouping my resources. I'm going to send another Future Shock off to Tharg tomorrow. I spent the day writing it. In my despair I sent an email to 2000AD's finest new writer Al Ewing (check sidebar for his site). He suggested that a rejection letter is a cue for another submission. I couldn't agree more.

My rejected story has gone to FutureQuake [click here to read about it] who are a good bunch of smallpressers who do a great magazine which contains rejected Future Shocks and short stories. I hope they accept the script and use it in their mag. It'd be my second published story. The first of course being in Phlegm magazine and available to buy now from all good odd little shops in Sheffield.

As I've said before, the life of a local radio disk jockey is one of huge swarthes of empty unused time. Only now after almost a decade of this lifestyle am I finding something worthwhile to do with that time. I'm writing. I'm writing loads.

My new story is about the fact it is more likely we live in a 'virtual reality' universe like the one in The Matrix than it is that we live in a 'real' one. If, for example, there were 99 fake universes tricking thier inhabitants and only 1 genuine universe the odds are 99% in favour of us being in a 'fake' one. Get your head round those statistics. It'd be a lot easier and cheaper to make a fake than go with a real one.

Add that to all this lucid dreaming stuff I'm looking into and we've got some great short story material.

Even if you lot aren't real.

They said I was maaad. But I'll show them all!!



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