(Sunday) It perfectly encapsulates the frustration of the day!

St George's day today. Cue a load of people moaning that "we don't celebrate St George's Day like we do St Patricks". I'm guessing here but isn't that something to do with the fact that we're a protestant country and the Irish are Catholics? That's why they honous the papal system of patron Saints where we do not? You never know but in the past celebrating a catholic symbol in the past in our country might've got you burned at the stake.

As I say this is just a guess.

It sort of makes sense. Irish people therefore have a rich tradition of celebrating St Patrick's day which we do not, thanks to our unique history and cultures respectively. I've never been a fan of St Particks Day myself. I'm not Irish - or Scottish or any other 'ish' aside from English*. I do like Guinness. I specifically do not drink it on St Patricks. I also hate that s#it music they play and all those c#nts who wear silly hats.

And people who pretend to be Irish when they're clearly not.

I may be missing the point with my cold hearted explanation of why we do not celebrate St George's day. I'm not averse to the idea of celebrating this country. It's not a bad one to live in. I'm probably quite patriotic in my own odd way. I never go abroad ever. Why's that?
Well two reasons:-
a) I can't be ars#d
b) I like it here. Why go anywhere else? Might like it more, that'd ruin things here. Might like it less, why go there then?

It's a bit like when girls get profound and ask why women are called sluts and men are called studs. Simple answer to that, again I may be missing the point.

Women have more to loose if they have many sexual partners. They could end up with a kid and no father.

Blokes can gain by spreading their genes and not having to raise the kid themselves. Frees them up to spread more seed.

Evolution has therefore dictated that to be a successful breeder a women needs to be more choosey about their partners whereas men are more keen to just get on with it. This makes sexually adventurous women less common and more risable than blokes.

Not saying it's fair. Just explaining why it happens.

Like I say, might be missing the point. Never tell a woman this after a couple of glasses of wine. Things can get nasty. No matter how many times you remind them that you've never called a woman a slut in your life.


*"Hang on a minute Nick - you've got Scottish relatives and wasn't one of your family from Irela-" F#ck off with that nonsense! Where was I born? Yup. England. What am I? English. Game over. We'd have a lot less problems if people got their heads round this one.


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