Then my bones turned to mush and I slipped through the cracks in the floor

I'm still reeling from the impact of watching the film Loose Change. At one hour twenty minutes it's unlikely you've watched it yourself. If it's so good how come it's not been on the telly? A devastating no-holds barred critique of the official line which took us to war in Iraq? Yeah, that's exactly the sort of thing I see on telly all the time.

I read an article[external link to article in question] this weekend by a bloke called Mark Kermode who tacitly reviews this underground film in his column in The Observer. He tries to argue that "conspiracy theories are comforting". That's quite odd I thought. Loose Change was, to me, anything but comforting. It's suggesting that the American government is so intent on power and war that it is willing to kill even its own citizens to ensure a new moral crusade. I find the official line far more comforting. Osama Bin Laden ain't ever going to win his war. A tyranical US Government probably will. How is that comforting?

After deciding the film "sounded like baloney*" our interpid reporter, just to make sure, rang "British film-maker Paul Greengrass, who's putting the finishing touches on his thoroughly researched, fact-based docudrama, United 93". So he rang a bloke who has a vested finiancial interest in the party line. Woo - wonder what response he got?

Ironicly he was told: 'Conspiracy theorists are not to be sneered at'. So what does Mark do with this advice? He sneers at them with the following un-related twaddle:

"I used to take solace in Gail Brewer-Giorgio's bonkers books Is Elvis Alive? and The Elvis Files, which argued that a fit and healthy Presley had carefully planned and faked his death in 1977, fled Graceland in a helicopter and restarted his life in privacy and seclusion. I embraced this story simply because it was less depressing than accepting that my hero had got too fat, sloppy and drug-addled to live.
In the end, the facts won out and I had to abandon my adolescent fantasies. Others should do the same."

Great. Thanks for that Mark. Now could you explain what the f#ck that has to do with the film Loose Change? Your adolescent fantasies and the books you cite WERE abandoned many years ago. In fact they were never even taken up by the vast majority of people. How do the two relate?

Just because you're f#ckwitted enough to believe 'Elvis aint dead' does not mean you should presume the rest of us share your gullible stupidity. Three people have mentioned your column to me in the past few days. That's three people who are now less likely to watch Loose Change and make up their own minds.

I for one am undecided. It wouldn't surprise me if 9/11 was a self inflicted wound nor would it shock me to discover it wasn't. Currently there's more suggests the former. I do know it has given genuinely dangerous countries carte blanche to do what the hell they like in Iraq and Afganistan. Killing thousands.

I also know that these murderers are the guys who are on our side. It's comforting to think of them as goodies. It's nice of you to offer us that comfort** while tacitly implying that anyone who thinks otherwise is being childish.


*"Baloney"??? Tut tut. Di#khead!

**Nice things are often immoral. Like that chocolate I ate today. And the porridge with syrup. Back on the diet tomorrow.

Athlete's foot is itchy. I used this video of Big John to take my mind off it: CLICK ON THE VIDEO LINK.


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