There's a sting in the sun as it licks your eyes

Reality TV is a cruel beast. There's no doubt about that. Poor old Shayne Ward has bumped into the fact he's not actually a millionaire quite early on in the game. The first of many smackdowns I'm sure. I take no pride in the fact that I'm about to be proved right as yet another hapless halfwit discovers that no one really gives a f#ck that he can hold a note.

It's really quite amusing that they call it Reality TV yet it presents us a vision of the world which is so far from any reality I've ever encountered. The popular vote has never been an indication of quality. That's a reality I'm familliar with. The majority of popstars make very little money and often feel bitter and cyncial about the industry which abused them both during and after the process. That's another reality I'm familliar with. Fu#knuts like Simon Cowell are only usually tolerated by people who are out to make novelty pop songs like Mr Blobby and Go Go Power Rangers. Once again this is a reality I'd recognise.

The only reality I can ever see in X - Factor and programmes like it is the one which we all endure each day. Working class people like Shayne and the people who watch the programme being exploited by rich people like Cowell and those who make the programme. That's reality.

Still it is pretty funny that it's all fuc#ed up in matey's* face.


*When I say matey I mean Shaun Ward.


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