The twisted cuckold fantasies of Johnny Rubberheads

I love taxi drivers. They're often a bit bonkers when it comes to driving but as people most of the ones I've met in my life have been really nice genuine people. Doesn't matter what race/sex/religion etc, if you're a taxi driver I instictively like you on some level.

Here's a tip. You want to know what's going off in a town, ask a taxi driver. They know everything about their patch. Absolutely f#cking everything. When I arrive in a new place if I'm looking to learn about it a taxi driver is often the only person I don't regret asking.

I've worked up and down the country doing this local radio disc jokey nonsense. Loughborough, Newbury, Morecambe etc. No matter where you are you can always get the inside info off a taxi driver.

So when I arrived in Cambridge this weekend I instantly asked the first taxi driver we encountered if he knew where Syd Barrett* lived. I was going out on a limb here, really testing my theory. The answer I got was a beauty and maintained my faith in The Kings of The Road:

"Yeah mate I know him** his Mum lived up on xxxx street"

Brilliant I thought. Even in Cambridge my rule of thumb about taxi drivers still works.

I peered out of the window wondering if The Madcap had laughed on the street corners that the taxi was careering round. It was nice and sunny and I felt sad that Syd Barrett is still alive, living nearby, but no longer laughing. I once heard his music described as letters from a long lost friend. That descripition rings true for me.


*If you don't know who he is go and find out. Buy a few albums and educate yourself. One of my favourite musicians. I was horrified to realise how few people are aware of him this weekend.

**Right, my girlfriend denies he said this. Her version of events is that he didn't know him but knew his Mum or something. She's therefore ruining my story with non-specific denials. Such is life.

Athlete's footnotes:
- So what's the f#cking deal with this nonsense then? Answers on the back of a postcard. Careful though I stumbled over it as a pop-up.

- This one provides a beautiful smackdown to anyone on an income in the UK:

- As the number of readers this 'blog gets continues to grow I now find it's not possible to put a 9/11 conspiracy film on[backlink to a previous entry] without getting a rebuffal[backlink to a previous entry] and then this site gets 'anonymously' emailed over to me:


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