Under the drops and close by (Sunday)

I've been recording my dreams recently after I watched the fantastic film "Waking Life". They're all a bit odd. I want to get to the point I was at around the age of 17-19 when I'd managed to both recognise and control the dreamworld on a regular basis. It requires a focus of the mind which isn't quite mine at the moment. I think recording my dreams will help*.

The first time I ever managed to realise I was in a dream was when I was at secondary school, in the first year and I dreamt that I was back at my primary. I had a moment of revelation when I thought: "hang on a mo' I've finished primary school now, this must be a dream". In the dream I stood up and shouted out my discovery to everyone else there. I clearly remember in my dream a mate of mine called Josh giving me a stern, quite bizzare look. Then with a bump I awoke. From that point on I started the gradual climb towards being able to suss out a dream.

Then the real world got more interesting and my interest in dreams waned.

"Waking Life" has re-lit the flames. A very odd, quite long film which gives you loads of 'philosophical perspectives' to chew on. Good fun. Go see! Go see!


*Here's a sample from my dream book: Was still doing the phone in show but couldn't get to the studio. It was a student radio station. One problem was that I was late. I was busy getting some fish and chips. Then I was Steve Holden who after some persuasion agreed to give me a lift. I'd eaten some magic mushrooms earlier by mistake. They looked a bit like slugs? When I finally got to the radio station it was buried under loads of stuff and the studio didn't work. Me and Gary tried to uncover it but it was taking ages. Woke up. Now you see why this is a footnote and not in the main blog entry.


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