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& finally the deal is sealed... well, almost

You skip my mind and look over there. v2

Went to the pub but didn't drink at all... I'm serious about this not drinking thing...

I'm not having that... super casinos.

you know The message already (Saturday)

Weddings, girls and oil. (Friday)

(Thursday) Guzzling big flaps of dead meat is fun!

There are few advantages to insomnia but this isn't one of them

If you're interested in it... be prepared for the fact it's therefore likely to take an interest in you. (Tuesday)

Looks like that one just slipped through my fingers...

The O.C. (Sunday)

Thin mongy doggy (Saturday)

Words are not what you are reading. (Friday)

Macca's been done like a fool hasn't he?

"Oh shi# what have I f#cking done?" - JIMMY YOU LEGEND!!!

Under red keys in his locket

You don't have to be afraid anymore

Regis of the Moor Pond

Saw it again last night in my dreams, this time it wasn't mine?

Dreamed about a scabby eye

The cogs fall into gear and it's time to start moving.

Skak lob

Blog spak

Spag bog

Not the wise or the lamb (Sunday)

'Twas a bit rubbish last night though, shame I was getting into it.

An odd quirk of the Banyan Tree...(Friday)

You don't know what you'd do without it...

Blue eyed night sky looking down on me... thine eyes have seen the wonders of history... did they really look... as plain as me?

Order implies desire, say what you see not what you want. Random chaos.

Good luck Mr Mushroom...

Wagga wagga jambolina (sunday)

When the spit goes down you'd better be breaddy (Saturday)